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Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain by Kim Rogers-Gallagher Date Published: 1998  



Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain by Kim Rogers-Gallagher

If you’re a beginning or intermediate student of astrology, this is the book for you. But, even if you’re an "old hand," you’ll enjoy this author’s light-hearted, practical approach to astrology. As the title suggests, this book is atypical in that it addresses astrology from the layman’s point of view in terminology anyone can understand. For example, the author classifies the signs, planets, houses and aspects as "the four basic food groups" and clarifies astrological symbols using everyday reference points. Where else would you see Pisces described as "a bit like pouring a glass of water on a table" or Gemini as "the sign you never want to challenge to a ‘quick’ game of Trivial Pursuit"?

Besides providing a thorough background in all the basics of signs, planets, houses and aspects, this book gives you what many others don’t: the magic ingredients for putting it all together, or what astrologers call chart synthesis. It’s presented in a step-by-step manner that you can use when reading any chart.

You’ll also enjoy chapters on prediction and synastry (how your chart mixes with someone else’s), as well as information on getting connected to the astrological community in every way from magazines to chart calculation to astrological organizations.