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Astrology for the Millions by Grant Lewi Date Published: 1998 review by Jeff Jawer



Astrology for the Millions

It may seem odd to review two books that are over 50 years old, but it's important that new students of astrology become aware of these jewels. Astrology for the Millions and Heaven Knows What by Grant Lewi are considered two of the classics of modern astrology. In fact, there are many astrologers who believe them to be the best written astrology books of this century. Lewi was an English professor at Dartmouth College, in addition to being an astrologer. The clarity of his prose and thoughts are evident throughout.

Heaven Knows What includes descriptions of the 144 possible combinations of Sun/Moon by sign. Lewi also has descriptions for major aspect pairs. These are rich sources of ideas upon which to build your astrological knowledge base. Lewi is almost always on the mark and straightforward with his interpretations. For example, Sun in Virgo - Moon in Sagittarius begins with, "There is a wide cleavage between your intellectual and emotional natures; you are capable of doing things you disapprove of, under the spell of adventure, romance, excitement." There's no moralizing here, nor is there any attempt to introduce specialized psychological language. All is down to earth in substance, yet reflective of Lewi's fine intellect.

In Astrology for the Millions Lewi's work on Saturn's transit cycle has informed generations of astrologers. This is basic stuff, the kind of material that you'll remember and use. Astrology for the Millions and Heaven Knows What are great for astrologers, but were written with the non-astrologer in mind. Both books include tables for looking up planets' positions for those who don't have their own chart.

Llewellyn Publications is to be credited for keeping these classics works in print. If they're not already part of your library, I encourage you to add them now.