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Consciousness and the Midheaven by Stephanie Clement Date Published: 1994 review by Kris Brandt Riske



Consciousness and the Midheaven by Stephanie Clement

Ask an astrologer to list the important factors to consider when reading a horoscope, and he or she will, at a minimum, usually cite the Sun, Moon, eight planets, the Ascendant, and the Midheaven. Why then has so little been written about the Midheaven, the highest and most prominent point in the horoscope?

This void in astrological literature has finally been filled by Stephanie Clement's thought-provoking and in-depth volume, Consciousness and the Midheaven, in which she combines a thorough knowledge of astrology with her equally outstanding skill as a psychologist (she holds a Ph.D. in the field).

While it might be unrealistic to expect the delineation of a single horoscopic point and its sign to capture the essence of the individual, that is exactly what the author has done - and phenomenally so. In doing so she has proved her point: The Midheaven is a key factor in defining ego-consciousness (awareness of self and others) and how the individual comes to self-awareness and true consciousness.

Written in easy to understand terminology with many practical examples, each sign is fully examined from the perspective of the Midheaven as a distinct and separate point in the horoscope. The all-encompassing discussion of each sign includes basic delineation, fundamental expression, how resistance is likely to manifest, how enlightenment and realization can be easily pursued, how to cultivate the capacity to respond instead of react, how knowledge of what creates and what is created is learned, how to understand personal creative potential, and how to affect the expression of free will.

A must for anyone seeking a key understanding of the horoscope, Consciousness and the Midheaven goes beyond insightful knowledge to bring a refreshing, stimulating volume of information to student and professional alike.