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The Book of Pluto by Steven Forrest Date Published: 1994 review by Kris Brandt Riske



The Book of Pluto by Steven Forrest

There's no denying it: The Book of Pluto is as powerful as the planet with the same name. But, its real beauty lies in the fact that it's a book written with both the astrologer and non-astrologer in mind. Anyone with birthchart in hand can benefit from the wisdom and insight Steven Forrest brings to Pluto - no astrological knowledge required. Basic explanations of aspects, transits and progressions make it easy for anyone to gain all this book has to offer.

The author begins by exploring and discussing Pluto and its symbolism as a planet of repression, wounds, passion and intensity. With this thorough grasp of the planet's basic nature, the reader moves on to Pluto in the signs, in aspect to other planets and in the houses, including the individual's high destiny, distorting wound, navigational error, healing method and energizing vision. More than a traditional "cookbook," this book offers practical, concrete solutions - here's what wrong and here's how to deal with it.

Equally practical and useful is the section on transits and progressions, and the events surrounding their contact with natal planets. As is the norm throughout the book, the author offers real-life practical examples, including the upside and the downside of these contacts.

Aside from the knowledge to be gained from this book, one of the best reasons to add it to your collection is the author's clever, witty and easy-flowing style. You won't be able to put it down, except possibly to pick up one of his other titles: The Book of Jupiter, The Book of Neptune, The Inner Sky, The Changing Sky, Skymates and The Night Speaks.