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Navigating by the Stars by Edith Hathaway Date Published: 1991  



Navigating by the Stars by Edith Hathaway

This book provides a clear introduction to the how, where and when of astrology. It presents reliable timing and relocation tools, using the Uranian system, with its preference for Meridian houses and equatorial ascendants; also, cyclical patterns, solar arcs, planetary returns, secondary progressed quarti-lunar charts and Astrocartography maps.

Navigating by the Stars was the author's first published book. It was written in 1988-89 on Western tropical astrology. Her gradual transition into Vedic astrology also began in the late 1980s. After publishing numerous articles, some available at her website, her 2012 book (In Search of Destiny) is her first published book since 1991, and is on Vedic astrology. American astrologer and Astrocartography maverick Jim Lewis called Navigating by the Stars "a Geminian feast for the mind." American astrologer Rob Hand called the book "genuinely different, and not merely a rehash as are so many new books today... showing not only the brain of an astrological approach but its heart as well." British astrologer Charles Harvey called Hathaway "a real working astrologer speaking in the light of her own work and observation. More please!" In 2012, she finally fulfills Charles Harvey's request, though she now writes primarily on Vedic astrology.