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Transits in Reverse by Edna Ryneveld Date Published: 1989 review by the NCGR Journal



Transits in Reverse by Edna Ryneveld

This is a simply written, easy-to-read cookbook-style book. Edna’s use of creative similes helps us understand their meaning. Non-astrologers can use this provided they have an ephemeris and can read it, but it is also a useful tool for practicing astrologers. I like the house positions best.

The ideas is to choose a time for events or beginnings when the transits to your birth chart are mostly favorable for the event of occasion in question. This is a nice companion to electional astrology in which one picks the most favorable moment to initiate an endeavor or event.

The descriptions are brief enough to be easily grasped and not so simplistic to be useless. I was particularly interested in the section entitles, "Your Self, Its Status and Growth," although I think it needs to be more complete since all influences in life should effect our self growth.

One needs to remember that all transits need to be examined in light of the conditions of the birth chart. A person born with Saturn trine Sun will experience this transit with far more ease than a Sun square Saturn person.