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Destined for Murder by Edna Rowland Date Published: 1995 review by Kris Brandt Riske



Destined for Murder by Edna Rowland

In what may be the first collaboration of its kind, an astrologer and an author of fiction have teamed up to create an intensely fascinating book that delves into the life and psyche of six serial killers: Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi (The Hillside Stranglers), Albert DeSalvo (The Boston Strangler), John Wayne Gacy, and Dennis Nilsen.

The author of 27 romance novels, Sandra Harrison Young uses her storytelling ability to weave a profile of each serial killer, his life, his victims, and the final outcome. It is her considerable skill as an author that will leave you with the sense that, somehow, you know the man in question.

After each biography, astrologer Edna Rowland explores the birth chart in search of the astrological indicators. Then, working from a list of important dates in each life, she examines the secondary progressions and transits that set off these events. You see astrology at work as the killer’s life and the promise of the birth chart unfold over the years.

Edna Rowland concludes the book with some general and astrological observations about serial killers, including psychological and environmental factors. Of particular interest to the student of astrology are her comments about important planetary placements and aspects in the birth chart as they reflect these factors. The importance of midpoints is stressed, as well as those that are key in cases of murder or crime. Destined for Murder is a fascinating read you won’t want to put down.