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Win or Lose?: Two George Foreman Fights Seen Astrologically Date Published: 8/1/1997 by Stephanie Clement
Bio: Stephanie Clement

Author Stephanie Clement Author of Opportunities and Your Spiritual Path, Stephanie Clement, Ph.D., has been a professional astrologer for over 25 years now. She holds a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and was professionally certified in 1974 by the American Federation of Astrologers. Since then, she's been counseling, teaching, and lecturing on astrology and psychology across the U.S. and Canada. Stephanie has always focused on the creative potential that resides in us all; through her work she strives to help others harness and refine their creative process and to get them in touch with the personal power to create the life they desire.


Books by Stephanie:

  • Charting Your Spiritual Path with Astrology
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George Foreman made boxing history by reclaiming the heavyweight title at 45 years of age. The two charts examined here are for his victory over Michael Moorer on November 5, 1994, and his loss of the title on October 30, 1974 to Muhammad Ali. Both fights were knockouts.

After winning the championship from the previously undefeated Joe Frazier with a devastating knockout, Foreman was regarded as invincible. He was supremely confident when he met Muhammad Ali, expecting a usual early knock-out. Instead Ali frustrated him with the "roper-dope" strategy, taking many of Foreman's best punches on his arms while barely avoiding bombs to the head. Eventually foreman became fatigued and Ali set him up for the knockout.

Foreman could not accept the defeat and lost the will to fight. He later lost to Jimmy Ellis and declared an early retirement.

He could not forget the defeat in the ring that still smoldered within.

The Foreman persona changed. Often sullen and menacing before, he became an ordained minister and evolved a jovial and paternal exterior. But he could not forget the defeat in the ring that still smoldered within. Long after what should have been his prime, the overweight Foreman began a comeback that culminated in his surprising late K.O. of Michael Moorer. He thus became the oldest may (by five years) to win a professional boxing championship. A gift for self-promotion and showmanship has obscured the power and focus of this act of will.

Even after riches and respect were his, Foreman continued to fight until the championship was again his. At the weigh-in for the Moorer bout, Foreman was quoted as saying, "I might have to break the Sixth Commandment." A brutal man in a brutal sport, it is all the more remarkable that he accomplished the feat while being accepted as a lovable, self-effacing country preacher. Foreman proved himself as master of public relations, matched only by his nemesis Muhammad Ali in the history of the sport.

Using solar arc directions and transits, I have selected only a few pertinent aspects. The differences between the two fights are remarkable. In many cases I have borrowed the exact words from Ebertin's book, Combination of Stellar Influences. The contrast between the two events is found in the precise delineation of combinations, leaving no doubt about the efficacy of accurate interpretation of events.

October 10, 1974   Loss by Knock-Out to Muhammad Ali

saSun = Pluto
    Physical suffering; martyrdom; over-estimation of self; fighters

saSaturn = Pluto
    Violent people, pursuit of egoistic aims; a martyr; disadvantage through associations; difficulties in public life

saNeptune = Venus, Uranus
    Unsociable disposition; paralysis of rhythmic processes, lack of stamina, losses; elimination of waking consciousness

trNeptune = Ascendant
    Impressionability, lack of resistance or stamina; open to exploitation by others; deception of the senses

saMoon = Uranus
    Emotional tensions, disturbance of blood pressure

saMars = Moon

saUranus = Ascendant
    Upsets, headache, scattered energy

November 5, 1994   Foreman Knocks Out Moorer

saSun = Midheaven
    Individual progress, successes; relationship between the physical body and ego-consciousness; individuality

saSaturn = Ascendant
    Process of gaining experience, seclusion

saNeptune= Moon
    Vivid dream life, sensitivity, inner visions, inspiration

trUranus = Ascendant
    Excitability; quick response to influence of the environment

trMars = Pluto
    Superhuman poser, force, brutality, attainment of one's own objectives by means of ... brutality; attainment of success through excessive effort.

saMars = Sun
    power of attainment

saMars Sextile Mercury
    Opportunity to achieve success through determination

saUranus = Pluto
    Daring, endurance

saUranus Sextile Neptune
    Opportunity to use subconscious powers; interest in religion


© Copyright: Stephanie Clement





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