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Venus: An Alchemical View Date Published: 5/1/1997 by Stephanie Clement
Bio: Stephanie Clement

Author Stephanie Clement Author of Opportunities and Your Spiritual Path, Stephanie Clement, Ph.D., has been a professional astrologer for over 25 years now. She holds a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and was professionally certified in 1974 by the American Federation of Astrologers. Since then, she's been counseling, teaching, and lecturing on astrology and psychology across the U.S. and Canada. Stephanie has always focused on the creative potential that resides in us all; through her work she strives to help others harness and refine their creative process and to get them in touch with the personal power to create the life they desire.


Books by Stephanie:

  • Charting Your Spiritual Path with Astrology
  • What Astrology Can Do For You
  • Meditation for Beginners
  • Mapping Your Family Relationships (Astrology Made Easy Series)
  • Mapping Your Birthchart
  • Civilization Under Attack: September 11, 2001 & Beyond (Editor)
  • Consciousness for Beginners (Out of Print)
  • Consciousness and the Midheaven (authored with Stephanie Jean Ennis)



Venus conjunctions to the Sun present a pattern of aspects which trace a five- pointed star over an eight-year period. The pattern of sesquisquares, biquintiles, quincunxes and triseptiles brings the social and intellectual energies of Venus into high focus. By scanning the following table, you can identify contacts to a particular chart, thereby identifying both the timing and the quality of Venus related events.

The relationship of Sun, Venus and Earth defines a wide array of choices for fulfillment of both sides of one's nature. The following examination of the conjunctions of Venus to the Sun suggests the range of alchemical possibilities.

The pentagram is reminiscent of Chinese and Tibetan astrology, as well as western alchemy. It was thought that appropriate application of energy would result in greater wealth and greater health. Tibetan alchemists focused on the qualities of mind as part of human nature; Carl Jung confirmed that western alchemists were focusing on mind as well. The flow of energy through the pentagram reiterates the power of thought in the creative process. By examining the relationships between signs and by considering the elements involved, we obtain an alchemical picture of the social and intellectual processes made available through the auspices of Venus.

In tarot, Venus rules number six, the Lovers, or The Two Paths.

Venus is the planet most similar to the Earth in our solar system. Astrologers look to her as a signpost for love and art in the horoscope, as it indicates physical attraction and an optimistic attitude. In addition, Venus in esoteric astrology represents concrete knowledge.

In tarot, Venus rules number six, the Lovers, or "The Two Paths." Within this card is the essence of both the relationship influence of Venus and the development of concrete knowledge. The card in the Egyptian deck differs from other decks in that there are three human figures: two women and one man. The female figures present the two sides of feminine nature between which the man must choose. One figure is seductive in dress and attitude, emphasizing the choice of bodily pleasure. The second feminine figure is modestly dressed, personifying virtue. She bears the serpent of knowledge on her head, while the first wears a grapevine, another symbol of pleasure. When one is forced to choose between intellect and pleasure, one side of the nature is fulfilled to the detriment of the other. As wholeness is pursued, it is essential to find a way out of this paradox.

Venus/Sun Direct Conjunctions

6/13/199222 Gemini1/17/199427 Capricorn
6/11/200021 Gemini1/14/200224 Capricorn
6/9/200819 Gemini1/11/201021 Capricorn
5/7/201616 Gemini
8/21/199527 Leo4/2/199713 Aries
8/18/200325 Leo3/31/200510 Aries
8/16/201123 Leo3/28/20138 Aries
10/30/19986 Scorpio
10/27/20064 Scorpio
10/26/20143 Scorpio

Venus/Sun Retrograde Conjunctions

4/l/199311 Aries11/2/199410 Scorpio
3/30/20019 Aries10/31/20028 Scorpio
3/28/20097 Aries10/29/20105 Scorpio
6/10/199619 Gemini1/16/199825 Capricorn
6/8/200417 Gemini1/14/200623 Capricorn
6/6t2Ol215Gemini1/11/201421 Capricorn
8/20/199926 Leo
8/18/200724 Leo
8/16/201522 Leo


Check about three weeks before and after these dates to find the Venus stationary positions, which also describe the star pattern.

The beginning point of the illustration is in Gemini in 1992. The first aspect relates the 1992 conjunction to the 1994 conjunction in Capricorn. In the Tibetan system the relationship between air and earth is karma (a Sanskrit term for the process of earth changing to air or vice versa). This is the energy of reaching for an objective perspective, rising above the petty detail of life to see the larger picture. Eagles do this in search of prey; people can use this process to ground individual experience in the larger picture.

Much of human activity results from the movement between earth and air elements. Intellectual activity thrives on the abstract thoughts people cultivate. Language has developed as a form in which to contain abstractions. The complementary energy allows us to qualify or label things - we use concrete earthy metaphors, for example, to bring abstract ideas down to earth.

The second aspect forms in 1995 between Capricorn and Leo, connecting earth and fire elements. Called ratna in the Sanskrit language, the relationship between fire and earth is creative on the physical plane. While fire can be destructive, it is also the element which causes mere clay to become a useful implement; it hardens steel and refines metals; it destroys bacteria; it cooks food. Heat results from the conversion of food into usable energy in the body. The depth and richness of human experience is supported by the relative permanence of created objects as well as by their beauty. This second aspect is one of creative energy manifesting in physical form; in the reverse it is the destruction of that form.

The third aspect forming in 1997 at the conjunction in Aries links two con-junctions in fire signs. This situation represents the fifth principle,, called ether in the west and Buddha in the Tibetan system. In this case the elements of both conjunctions remain the same, emphasizing the principle that stillness can be a powerful creative force in itself. Sometimes one needs to stay with one idea in order to refine it, not moving in any direction, but facing the problem squarely. There is a protective feeling in maintaining one position for a time. Extraneous material is allowed to fall away with no active effort. There is a spaciousness in resting in one element. The fire element suggesting brainstorming, an activity that is not designed so much to attain concrete results as it is to turn up as many creative impulses as possible. The fourth aspect links Aries to Scorpio at the 1998 conjunction. The combination of fire and water is called padma in the Sanskrit and represents the process of changing from fire to water and vice versa. This is an emotionally charged process, ultimately providing the greatest intensity. This is the energy of seduction, sexual and intellectual. The individual is drawn to the warmth and pleasure of this process, seeking union with another person or thing. When one draws near to it one is inspired. Passion and discriminating awareness are developed in the process of moving into and out of relationships. The creative process is founded upon the intuitive process of mind.

The fifth aspect, complete in the year 2000, is in Gemini again. This aspect relates water and air and is called vajra. A clarity of mind is cultivated which surpasses any other mental state. This is done by a process of moving between intellect and emotion. The result is the development of sensitivity in coordination with analytical skill. Souls are profoundly moved when this process is successful.

The planet Venus reveals, through its own motion through the zodiac, the full capability of concrete knowledge. The five-pointed patterns of conjunctions and stations relate directly to the astrological elements and their relation-ships to each other. One's processes are revealed in this pattern addressing five principles of mind to cultivate in all social activities.

For more information on alchemical meanings of aspects, contact Stephanie Clement via email:


© Copyright: Stephanie Clement





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