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Locational Astrology Date Published: by David Perkins
Bio: David Perkins

David Perkins arrived Dec.17, 1953, 97 degrees 20 minutes west longitude, 32 degrees 45 minutes north lattitude, around the time when local banks and government offices were about to close. Growing up on B-52 bases across America, David became an All American swimmer and serious student, with interests in science, history, people, art and the "unknown."

David graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1977 with a degree in Psychology, teaching credenticals, and a desire to help others. His interest with metaphysics began as a child often gazing at the stars, and in high school when taught how to read tarot cards.

Interest in astrology began while working on an assigned behavioral statistics lab project (the results of which showed this ancient art of describing and predicting behavior outperformed the other standard methods used in psychology. David has since been on four different continents studying astrology's history, philosophy, methods, and uses within many cultures.

Since 1983, David's astrological / metaphysical work has been published throughout Europe, from technical articles in journals - to magazine entertainment pieces and weekly forecasts. In 1985 he completed the first ever instructional and certification course ever given for Astro*Carto*Graphy in San Francisco under it's developer, the late Jim Lewis.

For 10 years he was the featured astrologer in Germany's largest weekly woman's magazine, "Bild der Frau", and currently has a weekly question & answer metaphysical column appearing in Kurier Szczecinski (Szczecin, Poland).

Combining psychology and astrology in his writings to assist people find solutions and direction is David's main calling and scientific side. On the artistic side David has founded FUTURE CIRCUS, a traveling educational program giving students in poorer regions the opportunity to create various forms of music, imagery, and perfomace art using computer technology as well as assisting Szczecin's Teatr Wspolczesny (The Modern Theater of Szczecin). with the creation of video, music, and animation effects.

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A horoscope alone does not show one WHERE to find certain places that may be good for them. There are several methods in astrology to describe how one may respond in different parts of the world, and all of these fall under the practice called locational astrology.

Nearly everyone has felt different, or have been perceived differently, when they travel to other places. You may have noticed in some places you feel more open, or even stronger, than in others. There are, of course, many reasons for this, just as there are many reasons for an individual's behavior.

Everyone is surrounded by an energy field that vibrates at a certain frequency. The earth is also surrounded by such fields, which have different effects depending on the location. Some people's vibrational patterns may be more 'in tune' to being in the mountains, yet they are born by the sea. So, naturally they feel special (or right at home) when visiting the mountains. Others may have the exact opposite, or an altered condition. These effects happen on physical plane, as well as the mental, and spiritual levels. Not only different places, but different peoples, may be more "in tune" to your type of mentality.

How do you find out which place is best for you? Actually, this information is sub- consciously already known to you! You may have noticed people brought up in the same neighborhood, educated in the same schools, yet still have totally different places in the world they are 'drawn to'. Everyone's past lives experiences, and desires for the future, are already known within the spiritual level of existence. When you have an unknown attraction to a certain place (or time in history), these are unconscious signals from your spiritual body. So, the best place on earth for you to be may have already come in the form of a dream, or other form of sub-conscious message.

When you know a certain place that interests you, your horoscope can be compared with a horoscope of the town, or city in question. Another method is casting your horoscope using the place in question as your 'birth place'. Then, with this "relocation chart," you can see how you may react differently to your new environment.

However, when a desired location is not known, this presents a difficult problem using these previous methods. An astrologer would have to cast hundreds of thousands of horoscopes (plus interpret each one), for nearly every city on the planet! Even if only one continent was being considered, this would be a tremendous amount of work. Luckily, several methods were created, and perfected, since the 1880's to solve this problem.

One of the first modern systems for locational work was developed by Fredrich Sieggruen (1877 - 1951), who with Alfred Witte started the famous Hamburg School of astrology at the turn of the century. He introduced the zenith horoscope, in which the planets are projected at angular distances along the horizon. From one's place of birth they can follow the lines to see which cities and countries the various planetary lines cross. This system has been perfected by Michael Erlewine of Matrix Software, into what is now called a local space chart, as seen below.

Local Space Chart

The most recent method was developed in 1975 by the American astrologer Jim Lewis, called Astro*Carto*Graphy. In this system, one's personal planetary data are superimposed on a map of the world. In the way a horoscope shows the ascendant, descendant, and other lines projecting from the earth, this system takes the various angles from the planets and projects them to the earth. The results produce something looking similar to the way NASA tracts the space shuttle, or other satellites.

Local Space Chart

In an Astro*Carto*Graphy map (seen above), the Sun, Moon, and each of the planets has four different lines projected on the earth at the time of your birth. The two straight lines show where each planet is directly overhead (the Midheaven or MC line), and where this force would project out from the other side of the earth (the Imum Coeli, or IC Line).

While this is still a relatively new system (considering the thousands of years humans have practiced astrology), Astro*Carto*Graphy has produced some very interesting results and descriptions. Maps of Elvis Presley, James Dean, and Elizabeth Taylor all have shared patterns in how Neptune lines in certain places defined their image (and even addictive patterns), things that Neptune describe in one's horoscope.

In the political world, Lech Walesa has a Uranus Midheaven line (which represents change and rebellion) running directly through Moscow. Small wonder he was more than disruptive to the communist bureaucracy, for those people on your Uranus lines often do not know how to handle you. In the maps of the first nuclear reaction, the first atomic bomb test, President Truman, and the United States Declaration of War — all have Pluto lines (mass transformation) aspecting Hiroshima.

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