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Saturn: The "Cosmic Chiropractor" Date Published: 7/1/1997 by Bernie Ashman
Bio: Bernie Ashman

Bernie Ashman is the author of Astrological Games People Play and RoadMap to Your Future, published by ACS Publications, Inc. as well as the Skyscope Birthchart Profile and the Prediction Report produced by Air Software. He has a large astrological practice in Durham, NC. Bernie serves clients throughout the United States and in other countries and has been a practicing Astrologer since 1974. He is a popular lecturer and will be speaking at the United Astrology Conference in Atlanta, Ga., in 1998.



I refer to Saturn as the "cosmic chiropractor" because this planet is a symbol of adjustments people are challenged to make in life. The placement of Saturn by sign and house in a birthchart gives some clues as to how a person will choose to realize important ambitions. This is the planet known as Chronos in mythology, the god of time. It is the current movement or transit of Saturn through the birthchart that points to many of our life challenges in the present.

Saturn is a great reality-tester of the sky. It has a way of grounding a person's idealism and search for higher values. Saturn points to the commitment required in our relationships. It is connected to our serious drives to success and is a demanding planet in that it asks us to learn discipline and focus.

It is tempting to forecast difficult times ahead when this planet is about to make an important "hit" in your chart. It is a good idea to view our testy friend with a sober eye, as Saturn brings hearty challenges. Let us not forget the milestones and goals that can be reached. One may need to reach back for extra strength and patience during major Saturn cycles.

Saturn's Transit Cycles

Approximately every seven to eight years following birth, individuals experience a key cycle involving a Saturn transit. How do I know this? Because it is just like a clock. Saturn makes critical alignments or aspects to its natal position at these times. This can mark the beginning of a dramatic change in consciousness. The first major movement of transiting Saturn aspecting our natal Saturn is at ages seven to eight (90 degrees). It is interesting that the famous mystic and philosopher, Rudolph Steiner, believed a person did not fully incarnate until age seven. This matches the reality and grounding symbolism of Saturn! This period is similar to the "somebody training" that Ram Dass describes. It is the early cultural training fed to children by their authority figures so they will fit into societal norms.

The next key Saturn cycle occurs between the ages of fourteen and fifteen (180 degrees). This is the awkward stage of adolescence. The "somebody training" is with us but we are trying to redefine ourselves. Fitting in can be confusing.

Life seems to flow better if people maintain a flexible outlook.

The following Saturn cycle comes at about age twenty-one/twenty-two (90 degrees).The young adult is pressured by society, and possibly, parents, who demand that important decisions about the future be made. Some people become so locked into an identity during this cycle that it takes major bolts of lightning and unexpected change to loosen up their consciousness. Life seems to flow better if people maintain a flexible outlook.

The Saturn "return" (0 degrees, or conjunction) is a time of major life adjustment. It denotes a call from life for each of us to redefine some of our choices. Often there are career changes. Some may find themselves no longer challenged by previous choices. There may be a tremendous urge to redefine one's ambitions. Interestingly, when a woman gives birth during her Saturn return, the child will have the same Saturn placement by sign as the mother. If the father is age twenty-nine or thirty during the birth of the child, the same is true. The parent and child may have some major growth to accomplish in similar areas. The Saturn return is when people often pressure themselves to achieve more. It is a real growing-up time. Business instincts can blossom. A need to settle down sweeps over us. Relocation and buying property are not uncommon.

I have found my clients faced with numerous choices at ages thirty-seven and thirty-eight (90 degrees). This is often a key career time. This is a repeat of the Saturn cycle that occurred at age seven and eight, when we were children. There can be a tremendous push from within to pursue a key ambition. The Saturn return at age twenty-nine may not yet be fully released until this time period! Added responsibility usually arrives. Some people now become parents. Bold new blazing trails of ambition can be born. I received my first book contract at this time (Astrological Games People Play, ACS Publications, Inc.). After signing the contract, I had to leap over the fear of finishing the book! Why do I mention fear? Because this is what holds many of us back during a key Saturn cycle. Sometimes it takes faith and sheer effort to express the full creative potential of these cycles.

Another noteworthy Saturn cycle occurs at age forty-four and forty-five (180 degrees). This is a repeat of the previous cycle that came at age fourteen and fifteen. Now we are older and hopefully, wiser! During this period, Saturn may permit a person to enjoy his or her special signature of success. People can feel frustrated if they have relied too heavily on the "system." One's career and outer life may need some inner balancing. There may be a repeat of irresponsible adolescent behaviors, as in the cycle of thirty years previous.

Near age fifty-one and fifty-two (90 degrees) the cycle that occurred at age twenty-one or twenty-two repeats. This time period can cause a re-evaluation of one's life ambitions. One may question the meaning of life at any of the key Saturn cycles, and it often happens at age fifty-one. One may think about what he or she can do to make needed life changes. The realization of growing older can cause fear. Those with deeper insights and values seem to flow better. Expressing great levels of self-mastery is possible.

A second Saturn return occurs at about age fifty-eight (0 degrees). Thoughts about how to use time can be with us. A new career or hobby that has waited may now come into full expression. I have done numerous consultations for this age group with each person responding differently. Some feel anxiety about the challenges of new available choices. Others embrace this period with caution and an excited spirit. Much depends on how the past was dealt with and lived. Saturn is the planet of wisdom, and the past can be a great teacher!

Astronomers say that if Saturn fell from the sky into the ocean it could float! Being that light in weight, it is interesting that Saturn has such a heavy translation by so many astrologers. Becoming depressed or feeling lonely can certainly manifest under Saturn's domain. I often tell my clients that our times of success and failure often coincide with an important Saturn cycle. This seems like a contradiction. But it really isn't. This planet shows us searching for the determination to move ahead. Nobody loves rejection. When we take a risk during a Saturn cycle, life teaches us great lessons. If we are really out of our league in our endeavors, Saturn will paint us a truthful picture. I have advised people to not give up their dreams too easily if a door is closed. The I Ching says it best: "Perseverance furthers those who persevere."

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