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Medical Alchemy: The Creative Fire of Leo Date Published: by Marcia Starck
Marcia  Starck Bio: Marcia Starck

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Marcia Starck is an astrologer who works with Medical Astrology, psychological astrology and relationships, and Astro*Carto*Graphy®. She also facilitates and conducts rituals. Marcia has authored six books on astrology, healing, women's rituals, and the shadow side; the most recent being Healing with Astrology.



Editor's Note:
Please consult your health care practitioner to ensure that the information given in Medical Alchemy is appropriate in your individual case.



Marcia Starck

Summer heat and dryness bring us to the alchemy of fire; in this case, the Sun entered the fire sign of Leo on July 23. Leo is ruled by the Sun and it is definitely one of the hottest times in the Northern hemisphere. This is a time when many Native people do sacred rituals such as Sun dances and Long dances to celebrate the Sun and purify through the intense heat and sweat. It is also a time for people to gather at sacred sites for their own purification rituals.

Many individuals, however, are not able to tolerate the Sun's rays, especially here in the Southwest, where the presence of the Sun is so strongly felt. Some suffer from excessive sweating, and itchy skin, hives, feeling light-headed and dizzy. For those whose system is in balance, the heat should not be a problem.

How can we handle this intense heat and allow it to kindle our own creative fires? We need to cleanse the liver, our largest organ, which is ruled by the planet Jupiter and the sign Sagittarius. To cool down our liver heat, we turn to the green herbs and vegetables that abound in our gardens and markets. Liquid chlorophyll, the green matter found in these vegetables and herbs, helps to cleanse the liver as well as being the source of magnesium for the nervous system. Bitter green leafy vegetables such as collards, mustard, turnip, and dandelion greens or arugula or kale are important in de-toxifying the liver. The bitter taste cools down the liver whereas hot and spicy foods (wait until winter) heat it up further.

Herbs that clear the liver are golden seal leaf (not the powder) whose bitter taste is excellent for the liver and has helped many women who have "hot flashes" (liver heat). Adding horsetail grass or spearmint can help cut the bitter taste and still make the herb effective. (adding honey or sweeteners is counter productive). Other herbs include Oregon grape root and wild yam, which are also strong de-toxifyers for the liver.

This is also a good time to strengthen the heart and circulatory system, ruled by Leo and the Sun. Borage is a simple herb, easy to grow in the garden, which is also high in magnesium, nourishing the electrical conductivity system of the heart. With both Uranus and Jupiter in Aquarius this year, there is an overload on the nervous system for which magnesium, manganese, and B-complex vitamins are helpful.

Positive qualities of Leo are courage, strength, and self-esteem. When the Leo energy is manifesting negatively, one can be overly egoistic and lack humility. Flower remedies can help balance these qualities. The Bach remedy Vine helps to bring out the true leadership of Leo, the wise compassionate ruler or teacher. FES remedies (from the Flower Essence Society in Nevada City, CA) include Sunflower, which helps with self-esteem as well as the balance of ego and spirituality; Dandelion, ("tooth of the lion") which helps with tension in the physical body, emotional constriction, and inflexibility; and Borage, which brings out humor and light-heartedness as well as a muted kind of courage.

Aromas that are cooling might be helpful at this time. Some of these include Myrrh, which has a slightly cooling effect on the skin. The ancient Egyptians actually burned it at noon as part of their sun worshipping ritual. Myrrh oil strengthens the pulmonary system and is good for colds and coughs. Sage oil works with the digestive system and the liver. It is also good for nervous conditions such as tremors and dizzyness.

Alchemically, a good time to take remedies are the hours ruled by the Sun. On Sunday from 3:26 AM-6:52 AM; Monday from 5:10 PM-8:36 PM; Tuesday from 6:52 AM-10:18 AM; Wednesday from 8:36 PM-12 AM; Thursday from 10:18 AM-1:44 PM; Friday from 12:00 AM-3:26AM, and Saturday from 1:44 PM-5:10 PM.

Here is a letter from one of our readers:

Dear Marcia,
My energy is usually good but I do have digestive problems at times with gas, and some times a burning or flushing of my face, especially in the summer. What suggestions do you have based on my chart for Aug. 6, 1953, Grand Junction, CO, at 9:46 PM?


Dear Leo,
Your horoscope shows a Leo Sun close to the planet Mars with Aries rising. This could give you excess fire and you might need to cool your body down with the suggestions mentioned above. You also have your Moon in Cancer conjoined both Uranus and Mercury. This implicates a highly sensitive nervous system, and being in the sign Cancer, it could manifest in your digestive system. So balancing your nervous system with plenty of exercise, B complex vitamins, magnesium, and manganese is important. Don't eat when you are emotionally upset and try to eat small amounts at a time. Digestive enzymes would also be helpful for you.



© Copyright: Marcia Starck





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