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Medical Alchemy: Taurus — A Time of Fertility and Cleansing Date Published: by Marcia Starck
Marcia  Starck Bio: Marcia Starck

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Marcia Starck is an astrologer who works with Medical Astrology, psychological astrology and relationships, and Astro*Carto*Graphy®. She also facilitates and conducts rituals. Marcia has authored six books on astrology, healing, women's rituals, and the shadow side; the most recent being Healing with Astrology.



Editor's Note:
Please consult your health care practitioner to ensure that the information given in Medical Alchemy is appropriate in your individual case.



Marcia Starck

Taurus, an earthy sign of fertility and cleansing, marks the blossoming of the spring energies that were initiated in Aries. The Sun entered Taurus on April 19, Venus entered Taurus on April 16, and Mercury has been retrograde in Taurus since April 14. (Mercury goes direct on May 8 but continues its movement through Taurus until June 8).

On May 1 we celebrate May Day or Beltane, an old Celtic festival which is based on the fertility of the earth. People dance around a maypole and jump over Beltane fires to symbolize the merging of female (the earth) and male (the maypole and fire) energies. Samhain or Hallowe'en is six months after Beltane and symbolizes the death of the earth, its autumn transformation.

Taurus is governed by the planet Venus which rules the throat and thyroid gland. Venus also governs the sign Libra and rules the kidneys. Through the throat and the kidneys, we eliminate many toxins accumulated in our bodies. Scorpio, Taurus' polarity, rules the colon and excretory system. By cleansing these organs, we can approach the summer months with more energy and balance.

Herbal intestinal cleanses and colonics are recommended at this time. Mucilaginous herbs which soothe the mucuous membranes in the throat and colon are helpful. Slippery elm is a good herb for the linings of the throat; it also works for digestive complaints, normalizing the bowels and helping ulcers. Licorice root is an herb that is beneficial for the throat; sucking on the root can help with sore throats. Aloe vera juice from the aloe plant is also mucilaginous and helps to clear out the colon.

To help clear the kidneys, drinking parsley tea is very effective. Brew up half a bunch of parsley (preferably Italian parsley) with a quart of water and drink a couple of cups in the early morning before eating. This can be done several times a week and will help in maintaining the acid/alkaline balance. Nettle leaves is another good herb for the kidneys and contains calcium and iron as well.

Opening up the voice is a strong part of the Taurus healing energy. Chanting and singing are excellent for the throat chakra. For breaking up old emotional patterns, try some flower remedies. Bach remedies that are helpful include Chestnut Bud which helps let go of old patterns of behavior, and Chicory, which is catalytic in unblocking emotions and allowing the feelings to flow. FES remedies (from the Flower Essence Society in Nevada City, CA) include Iris, an essence named for the Greek goddess of the rainbow, that helps in facilitating creative energies and California Wild Rose, which works with bringing enthusiasm and caring instead of apathy and laziness.

In this sensual time of Taurus, be sure to include some essential oils in your daily regime. Essential oils can be rubbed on the body or diffused in the air. Oils with a Venusian aroma are indicated at this time. Geranium is a mild sedative and works with neuralgia; it is used to balance female hormones during menopause and is a wonderful astringent for the skin. Jasmine oil works well with psychological repression; it produces a feeling of optimism and confidence as well as helping to relieve menstrual pains and uterine spasms. Rose oil promotes circulation and regulates the action of the spleen and heart. It is one of the most antiseptic of oils, good for dry skin as well as redness and inflammation.

Here is a letter from one of our readers:

Dear Marcia,
I tend to have poor circulation and be intestinally blocked up as well. When I exercise regularly, these symptoms improve. Since I travel often, this is a problem. Can you suggest any diet, herbs, or supplements that might help? I was born May 5, 1953 at 6:50 PM in Berkeley, CA.


Dear Taurus,
Your chart is strong in the fixed signs--Taurus Sun and Jupiter, Scorpio rising, Aquarius Moon and North node as well as Pluto in Leo. Fixed signs tend to hold back and stay rooted in the same patterns. Expressing yourself through utilizing your voice may help, especially as your Venus is in the sixth house of health opposite Saturn and Neptune and square Uranus. Colonics could be very important for you as well as aloe vera juice to keep your intestines regular. A diet low in starches and fat would be recommended; whole grains in the morning could be helpful and light vegetables and proteins throughout the day. With the Aquarius Moon, circulation can be sluggish; aerobic type exercise like walking and swimming is helpful but even yoga postures if you are traveling will work.



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