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Medical Alchemy Date Published: by Marcia Starck
Marcia  Starck Bio: Marcia Starck

You can write to Marcia with your health questions c/o Medical Alchemy, The Sun, 1807 Second St. #29, Santa Fe, NM 87505. Please include your date, time, and place of birth.

Marcia Starck is an astrologer who works with Medical Astrology, psychological astrology and relationships, and Astro*Carto*Graphy®. She also facilitates and conducts rituals. Marcia has authored six books on astrology, healing, women's rituals, and the shadow side; the most recent being Healing with Astrology.



Editor's Note:
Please consult your health care practitioner to ensure that the information given in Medical Alchemy is appropriate in your individual case.


Balancing Our Bodies in Autumn

Marcia Starck

Longer nights and shorter days begin our journey into the West, the place of introspection and deep healing. The Sun entered the sign of Libra on Sept. 22 this year, initiating this new season, and bringing us into a balance of light and dark.

Mercury enters Libra on Oct. 8 allowing us to think in a more harmonious and creative way. We also have a New Moon eclipse in Libra on Oct. 12. setting the stage for new patterns in relationship with our selves as well as with others.

As we move into this new season, our solar selves, out-going and energetic during the summer months, begin to withdraw as our lunar selves, more receptive and inward, come into the foreground. Our dance this season is different as our energy shifts physically as well as psychically. Instead of protecting ourselves from the hot sun, we now wear more clothes on our bodies to withstand the cooler weather. We may begin to feel the cold on our feet and the tops of our heads.

Libra rules the kidneys which govern both circulation and elimination. The kidneys are located in the lower back, where we often feel the cold first. If the kidneys are cold, then the rest of the body will be cold. Wearing thick sashes( as they do in Japan) or an extra sweater that reaches to the kidney area is often helpful.

This is the season to jump start our circulatory system. Increasing exercise is essential; colorful autumn walks and more aerobic type work-outs will keep us tuned for the winter winds. Dance classes can be an enjoyable way to exercise while exploring Libran rhythms.

To aid our circulation, an important supplement is Bioflavonoids; they also help the immune system and other physiological processes. Blood purifying herbs as red clover, sassafras, and sarsaparilla root work well to clean the blood so it flows through the channels in a more supple way.

The kidneys are also related to elimination, which is an essential function at the beginning of every new cycle. We eliminate those patterns and belief systems that no longer serve us as we seek to attain our balance. Herbs that aid elimination include cleavers, uva ursi, juniper berries, corn silk (a tea is made from the husks) and parsley, which may be juiced with other vegetables or eaten in salads.

Libra governs relationships, particularly one on one relationships as well as relationships with society. Balance is important here too; if we spend too much time in relationship and too little with ourselves, we are not walking in balance either. (And we'll certainly find this out once Scorpio comes around!) Flower remedies that work with relationship include the Bach remedy Agrimony, which allows one to seek companionship as a true sharing, and not as an escape from her or his own worries. FES remedies (from the Flower Essence Society in Nevada City, CA) include Quaking Grass, which bends, is flexible, and part of a group; Sweet Pea, which helps to resolve conflicts with family and friends; and Penstemon, which is helpful for those who tend to withdraw from relationships when they encounter obstacles.

Here is a letter from one of our readers:

Dear Marcia,
I have several health problems. One thing is that I have some low back pain which comes and goes. Also I tend to be very warm at times, almost hot flashes, and then I get very cold, especially when I am indoors a lot in the winter. I can't seem to get my circulation going. I am also very sensitive to certain foods and can experience indigestion. My birth date is Sept. 28, 1939 at 11:10 PM in Jacksonville, FL. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.


Dear Libra,

Your chart has a pre-dominance of planets in the signs Libra and Aries. Your Sun, Mercury, and Venus, all conjoined in Libra give you a strong creative ability; these planets are opposite your Moon conjunct Jupiter in Aries. This indicates some vacillation between being in relationship and needing to be alone. When you are not strong in your own self, your back may tend to go out because it reflects a certain type of weakness psychologically. You also have Saturn in late Aries square Pluto. Saturn rules the spine and body structure; Saturn in Aries fears isolation, and this fear, which is compounded by your Cancer ascendant, may be related to your back. With your Moon conjoined Jupiter in Aries, you could definitely get hot flashes; sarsaparilla root is an herb which helps to balance the hormones as well as being a blood purifier. You also need to cool down your liver with dark green vegetables and golden seal leaf tea. When you are prone to anger, this heats up the liver as well. Since the Aries planets are opposite your Libran Sun, Mercury, and Venus, there is also a circulation problem. Strong aerobic type exercise would be good for you as well as taking Bioflavonoids mentioned above. Your Aries needs the exercise. That will no doubt help your digestion; with Cancer rising, your stomach is sensitive and reacts to emotional situations. Small amounts of food at a time, eliminating hot spicy foods, and focusing on simple food combinations are keys for you.


You can write to Marcia with your health problems c/o Medical Alchemy, The Sun, PO Box 23168, Santa Fe, NM 87502. Please include your date, time, and place of birth.



© Copyright: Marcia Starck





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