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Medical Astrology: Medaps—Genaps, Part 2 Date Published: by Guy de Penguern
Bio: Guy de Penguern

Guy de Penguern, born August 22, 1924 in Belgium, is a respected astrologer with a special interest in medical astrology. He has studied homeopathy since 1960 and works with medical doctors in France, using astrology as a diagnostic tool for health problems. By 1987 he had studied 150 cases of AIDS and continues his original research today. He can be reached at Villa Anteres, Compuzines Hautes, 24290 Montignac, France. Fax:



The Discovery of Chiron and its Influences


TBetween 1920 and 1950 several astrologers, including Charles Jayne in the U.S., shared a strong belief that an eleventh planet should and did exist. And it was on the 1st of November, 1977 that Charles Kowal, at Pasadena Observatory, California, took photographs where he discovered a new celestial body with a planet’s orbit. Many more pictures followed and he was convinced that he had discovered a tenth planetoid orbiting around our Sun. Tom Gerehls, from the University of Arizona, confirmed this and, on the 8th November 1977, the official announcement was made, confirmed by the International Astronomical Union.

Brian G. Marsden, Director of The Minor Planets at the Smithsonian Observatory of Astrophysics computed a temporary orbit. Next, Zane Stein convinced Dr. Marsden to compute the first ephemeris. Dr. Marsden suggested that a special category of celestial objects be created for those planets which cross other planets’ orbits. This applies to Pluto (and its excessively oblique orbit) and Chiron. In fact, Chiron’s orbit crosses that of Saturn, thus getting closer to Earth, and when it reaches aphelia, which is the farthest point from Earth, it touches the orbit of Uranus. During the two years following the publication of the first ephemeris, several astrologers started to make use of this exciting new development and with the help of computers, several general themes started to stand out.

Generally speaking, Chiron has a direct link to maternity, birth and medicine. So these can be perceived as key words. However the most important word to remember here is “maverick.” Imagine AIDS first and then a maverick illness. Then the following: key, the quest, the guide, the here and now, the skilled one. Last but not least, linking it to Chiros, in Greek...the time.

Obviously, what is of the most interest about Chiron for us, the 21st century Medapists (Editor’s Note: the author’s term for modern medical astrology practitioners), is everything that concerns health, medicine, and biology. Regarding the latter, we can observe that the discovery of Chiron coincides with the unprecedented development of Genetics between 1980-87 when the ethical barriers began to fall and, concurrently, research and genetic applications increased.

Since Chiron has been only recently discovered, one can ask: how did the astrologers manage to observe so rapidly which keywords were viable?

Since Chiron has been only recently discovered, one can ask: how did the astrologers manage to observe so rapidly which keywords were viable? Firstly, by positioning Chiron on thousands of known charts, it is relatively easy to determine exactly how this newly discovered planetoid functions–particularly, since each interpretation must correspond to a planetary justification. For example, a person who has Chiron in sector/house ten and Aries, is very exacting with himself, in his activity domain, and frequently self-imposes exhausting timetables. Likewise, if he is generally full of vitality, a hard worker, needs precise objectives and hates inactivity. If we know the subject well then there is no problem in analyzing such an interpretation. Furthermore, we work on the aspects of Chiron to, for example, Saturn, in sector/house four, etc.

As far as I am concerned, since I am a specialist in medical astrology, this work has been made far easier. By positioning Chiron on literally hundreds of charts of subjects I already knew well, I could realize what disease they had and it was extremely easy to discriminate, for example, that Chiron is master of the zodiac sign Libra, hence in Fall in Aries, Exalted in Sagittarius, and in Detriment in Gemini. And perhaps I should add here, that Medaps has found other terms to qualify these powers or debilities of the planets, which are more in accordance with a 21st century vocabulary (see planets in the Glossary section of Cosmos and AIDS).

Influence of Chiron in Genaps

First, prior to studying dozens, then hundreds of AIDS cases, I immediately noticed the strong influence of Chiron on all kinds of cancers. Thereafter, as of 1986, and obtaining the first lists from Lois Rodden, I started observing Chiron in AIDS cases. The immediate fact was the angularities of Chiron to the IC point (the precise point where the Sun is at midnight of the subject) or a mid-point between the IC, Chiron and another planet.

I, thus, became assured that Chiron is directly related to 99.9 percent of the cases of AIDS I was working on—some 342 during the years 1986 to 1995. In only a very small percentage of cases, such as that of Rock Hudson, I had to use a Hamiltonian circuit to detect the Chironian influence on that particular chart. Throughout this book you will note that Chiron is included in all the charts along with its many influences, and not only from a medical point of view.

Allow me to share with you some of my reflections on Chiron and time. As we know, the latter is one of the most discussed and highly complex phenomena in our universe. With reference to Stephen Hawkings book A Brief History of Time I might add that I am not in total agreement with his theories, but rather hope to demonstrate here that the phenomenon is actually not so complex as many (including Hawkings) imagine.

Before the Big Bang time could not exist as there was nothing in existence whatsoever. Therefore, it is clearly logical to start counting our universe’s time from that very instant. (See W. Steinberg, The First Three Minutes, and Hubert Reeves, The First Second Thus.) We can understand that time is not eternal, since it is widely ascertained, through the weight of neutrinos, that our actual universe is shrinking, to come back to a final point in some still unknown billions of years. (The 1995 astrophysicists do not yet agree on the actual age of our universe, but have determined it to be between 13 to 15 billions years...). And, at that fatal point, it should start all over again. Time is, thus, linear for all things of our current life: one second after one second etc. Tomorrow happens after today, my death after my birth. A second nature of time is cyclical: it began some 14 billions years ago and will finish in some 15 more billion years from now. Then it will start all over again. This is exactly comparable to the cycles of the planets in the solar system.

With reference to Chiron, this planet has a peculiar lifetime, since it apparently appeared in our solar system about two million years ago, and will disappear in another two million years. From a more general point of view, Chiron has a very short lifespan, compared to the above mentioned number of years. Even when compared to our Sun’s billions of years of existence, two million years is quite short. Thus, being the only planetoid in our system with such a short lifespan, we can surely describe Chiron as being a maverick planet.

So what is exactly the link between Chiron and AIDS?

AIDS is most certainly a non-conformist sickness. And it is the first known Pandemia to have spanned our globe in such a short period time and which can affect anyone (such as the tragic case of the P.E. Glaser family). How can we state this? Because cases of tuberculosis, cancers, cardiovascular causes of death have been found, thanks to modern technology in the remains of Egyptians mummies. So, clearly we should be able to preview through the Chiron Cycles, the lapse of time of the AIDS Pandemia.

Without doubt the creation of a successful AIDS vaccine will be extremely difficult to achieve especially as, to date, the veritable satanic reactions of HIV have resisted medical research. I will not elaborate further about Chiron’s many influences as several excellent books have been written on this subject. But, since the winter of 95/96, nothing has been published, to my knowledge, about Chiron with relation to AIDS, Chiron and Genetics and this is what I shall be highlighting throughout Cosmos and AIDS.

342 Cases of AIDS, and Chiron, the Oncogene of AIDS


As I wrote previously, I started to study Chiron and AIDS in July, 1984 with the first cases coming from a Jack Fertig list. They were all homosexual males at that time. Lois Rodden noticed, wisely, that Jupiter was retrograde in 60 percent of the cases, which is quite normal; a negative retrograde Jupiter intensifies the syndrome, thus opening the door to the opportunistic infections which are the AIDS disease. This very first list had only sixteen cases. In April 1986 (in the Mercury Hour) the list increased by ten or more cases. June 1987, January 1988 and March 1988 showed some 164 more cases. From 1988 to February 1994 I had 152 more charts made-up from French sources and from L.Rodden.

Taking a random case from the list of L.Rodden: It was for a male homosexual, AIDS Patient, born on the October 13, 1944 at 8:44 AM CWT (see chart — 11k gif). The chart shows he is a Libra Sun, Scorpio Ascendant, Chiron at 25 Virgo 37. Chiron makes a 135° aspect to the IC. The IC is mid-point to Uranus/Neptune. The IC is 165° (the Karmic aspect) to the North Node of the Moon. Chiron is an exact mid-point to Jupiter/Neptune. Pluto, at 10 Leo 05 direct on the MC and opposite almost exactly to IC, is linked to the Moon in Virgo sector (11), by a seemingly innocuous 30° aspect, septile to Uranus of Gemini, sector eight (the circumstances of death), and semisextile to Saturn of Cancer, sector nine. The Moon is square to Uranus, the latter being in 135° aspect to Mars in Scorpio, sector twelve. Note that Jupiter is also square to Uranus. We have here a distinct oncogene of AIDS with Chiron. I have named this “Chiv” meaning Chiron and H.I.V.

Noting that sector six is in Aries (the brain) we can very well ascertain that the neurones of the brain of this subject have been infected by the H.I.V., and that he had severe psychiatric problems during stages III and IV of his AIDS. (Editor’s Note: Please note the one out of 12 people has Aries on the 6th house cusp, so this single factor is not of itself indicative of AIDS or psychiatric problems.) It is also interesting to observe Venus, in sector one and Scorpio is in a positive sextile to Jupiter in sector eleven, friends. Also note that sector six ends in Taurus, back to Venus; the “ love” disease ended his life by this clear septile aspect from Venus to Chiron.

You will see that sector five is in Pisces, Neptune has only a semisquare (45 degree) aspect to Venus. If we remember that Neptune, together with Pisces, is the immune system then it is clear that the subject got his AIDS through love and due to a very, very weak immune system. There was no support from a strong positive planet to this Neptune. The moment he was infected by the H.I.V. he had no defense against the development of this terrible disease.

Looking at the genetics in this case, we have:

  1. A negative gene coding for AIDS with Chiron 135° to IC.
  2. A negative gene coding for AIDS with the Uranus/Neptune mid-point falling on the IC, hence two more negative genes from these two planets.
  3. A very negative, karmic kind of gene coding for AIDS, sufficient to develop the disease. If we take a birth chart that shows no Chiv it means that, if infected by the H.I.V., the subject has a strong enough immune system to fight the millions/billions of H.I.V. spreading into his organism. The T4 cells (and others) are very strong and numerous enough to fight the spread of the multiplicity of H.I.V. organisms and could do so endlessly so that he/she will not develop an opportunistic infection. However, the subject would be able to infect another person by sexual contact, or another way, and this other person may bear the Chiv oncogene—thus developing the pathology of AIDS.

What more can be said? I believe strongly that the 8th harmonic shows heavy pathologies such as Alzheirner, Parkinson’s disease and all description of cancers etc. (Editor’s Note: The 8th harmonic includes the “hard” aspects including conjunction, square, opposition, semi and sesquisquare.) Having computed twelve charts of heavy pathologies 8th harmonic they all show the correct significators in the right positions which supports this hypothesis of the 8th harmonic indicating its tendency to some very negative pathology of any kind. This procedure was then followed in 342 cases of AIDS.

The results showed that there was no other alternative but to assume there is an oncogene of AIDS, Chiv. In practical terms, what does this mean? It indicates that a subject has two alternatives in his life. First, he has normal sexual relationships while taking plenty of preventative measures. He can build up the immune system as much as possible. This would help protect him from most other diseases—or at least those that can be fought by an immune system, and there would be a minimized risk, by his efforts, of being infected by the H.I.V. or other virus or retrovirus.

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