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Medical Astrology: Medaps—Genaps, Part 2 Date Published: by Guy de Penguern
Bio: Guy de Penguern

Guy de Penguern, born August 22, 1924 in Belgium, is a respected astrologer with a special interest in medical astrology. He has studied homeopathy since 1960 and works with medical doctors in France, using astrology as a diagnostic tool for health problems. By 1987 he had studied 150 cases of AIDS and continues his original research today. He can be reached at Villa Anteres, Compuzines Hautes, 24290 Montignac, France. Fax:



Homosexuals, Lesbians, and AIDS


All through time, homosexuals and twins have been major subjects of interest for astrologers. And I trust that I hardly need state that Genaps (see previous articles for a description of Genaps) is of particular benefit when researching these.

Robert Jansky had done research on homosexuals by various methods: sector four and sector ten mid-points between Mars and Venus, etc. But these were not always successful and, clearly, any method researched must be reliable in all cases, and they were not.

Then, in mid-1993, Dr. Dean Hamer from the National Cancer Institute in Bethseda, Maryland published his discovery that gene XQ28 was one of the hereditary factors for homosexuality, during the research of only 76 cases. In 189 cases, I found homosexual charts bearing:

  1. 1 with gene XQ 28, plus one other gene
  2. 37 with gene XQ-28 plus two other genes
  3. 97 with gene XQ 28, plus 3 other genes
  4. 21 with gene XQ28, plus 4 other genes
  5. 25 with gene XQ28 plus 5 other genes
  6. 8 with gene XQ28 plus 6 other genes

If we take one example, that of V.T., a male homosexual, born on February 12, 1940 at 12:47:26 pm, Universal Time in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we can observe his genes:

  1. the Chiron gene for AIDS
  2. the Uranus gene for abnormality
  3. the Moon's gene for the mother's side of the defect
  4. the Jupiter gene to amplify his mother's side
  5. the Mars gene to dynamize the anti-sociality of his socio-cultural environment, unacceptable according to the norms of our actual society. Also, Mars being inconjunct to Neptune, is trying to correct the malfunctioning of his entire chromosome-genes entity.

In fact, we have here a weak I.S. (immune system) what with Neptune dissonant in Virgo, ruler of sector 1, Pisces and, if we look at the second part of sector 6 in Virgo, Mercury is in Pisces, sector 12, in conjunct to a very stressed Pluto (seven aspects).

  1. Lastly, the Saturn gene, coding for an under forehead split (quantified zodiac at 26 Aries).

Also, notice his DNA. All four basis, plus Uracile, are negative, stressed or weak, Uracile being the weakest, with a square coming from his Aquarius Sun.

So we should not be surprised that, at the beginning of the AIDS pandemia, homosexuals were the most afflicted of all. And their tendency towards sexual promiscuity spread the disease still further. Just remember our Air Canada steward who infected 248 other homosexuals.

As far as lesbians are concerned, the risk is alleviated for obvious reasons relating to their typical practices of love-making. At the same time, H.I.V. has been found in vaginal secretions as well as in sperm, which means that AIDS can also spread rapidly among heterosexuals of both sexes, helped along by junkies and their deadly needles.

Statistics increasingly demonstrate the important and frightening increase in the number of heterosexuals of both sexes, infected by the H.I.V., as well as newborn babies infected by their mother's H.I.V. (although the latter is, thankfully, not as frequent).

These phenomena are quite normal, given the proliferation of AIDS in some African countries

These phenomena are quite normal, given the proliferation of AIDS in some African countries, such as Uganda, Zimbabwe and Mozambique where over fifty percent ofthose checked are infected with H.I.V. Close to the U.S.A., Haiti has a high percentage of AIDS cases. The explanation is simple, there is absolutely no voodoo involved or any racial risk. A prospective clinic investigation on all Haitians admitted to Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami between January and June 1982, and a retrospective analysis of the files of those having been treated between April 1980 and December 1981, revealed that an astonishing twenty Haitian immigrants (at least) living in Florida (seventeen men and three women) were stricken by a new illness. They suffered from kaposi sarcoma, as well as from a whole range of opportunistic infections with a high frequency of tuberculosis and cerebral toxoplasmosis. Half of these patients died before the end of the investigation. In nine cases, the start of the illness was certainly prior to 1982. Only three of those hospitalized in Miami had been infected prior to 1982. So, why the Haitians and not those who made a practice of anal coitus or injecting drugs intravenously?

For some time after this, Americans tended to accuse the Haitians, (along with most other illegal immigrants) of importing a new type of plague from a country where the hygienic conditions were disastrous, into a clean and well-policed country. This constituted a severe scientific and moral prejudice. Some dared say that, if not the origin, at least the transmission of AIDS could be explained by the bloody practices of voodoo. In fact the truth was simple, the Haitians were not truly homosexuals, they were practicing that kind of sex for financial motives, and they were all bisexual. Thus, they were transmitting the disease in two different social spheres.

I wish to mention also, the unfortunate situation of so many hemophiliacs who were given contaminated blood and therefore developed the H.I.V. illness, many have died in France already, as well as elsewhere in the world which shows how someone's else's blood can be dangerous.

Most readers will also recollect the tragic case of the actor, Paul Glaser whose wife and two daughters, all having been infected through a blood transfusion following a car accident, with non heated blood which contained enough H.I.V. virus to affect three members of the family.

As the time of writing this book, we still cannot be sure that tears, saliva or other excretions from the human body cannot contaminate another person?

What we can say at this stage of this pandemia is that AIDS is most certainly a new disease, and that biological and social conditions of the past prevented a major escalation of the retrovirosis which is typically transmitted in an unconventional way and which, most important of all, so relentlessly attacks the immune system.

A commercialized test, called Orasure is being put on the market in the U.S.A. and in France by SmithKline Beecham laboratories. This is made of a flexible swab to be placed between the cheek and gum in order to gather saliva samples. These are then sent to a special laboratory to test against the immune system defense and H.I.V. by a similar procedure to that of Western Blot or Elisa.

But one must specify that this is not, in any case, a home test and nor will it ever be so. It can be of precious assistance in some Third World countries where there is a lack of hygiene and blood may become tainted—even in hospitals and clinics.

Also, this puts an end to the debate which systematically denies the existence of H.I.V. retrovirus in the saliva of infected people. It is there, as soon as the person is infected by H.I.V. and it can survive months and years in that specific organism, as well as in the saliva and other bodily fluids. Hence, again and again, the utmost importance is that of building up our immune systems. All of us.

The Rock Hudson Case

Most everyone is aware of actor Rock Hudson; there was certainly enough media coverage of his glittery film career. However, many people, including myself, did not realize that he was a homosexual. Here I shall be concentrating on the state of his health.

The actor was born on November 17, 1925 in Winnetka, Illinois at 7:59 am Universal Time. I purposely did not rectify his U.T. and sidereal time of birth, so as to show what can be achieved with a birth time taken from the birth certificate which is frequently not exact as far as seconds are concerned. This precision we can easily achieve with the help of genetics and humano cosmic time. What can we observe from his birth chart?


  1. The Taurus/Scorpio polarity from sectors eight to two, planets: Sun, Mars, Saturn in Scorpio/sector two with their "seedings" to sector eight.
  2. The Cancer/Capricorn polarity from four to sector ten, planets: Venus and Jupiter opposed to Pluto and the line of the Moon's Nodes, equally from Cancer to Capricorn.

Also notice the pre-natal eclipse of the Sun in Cancer and sector ten.

Cusp of Sector 6
This cusp is at 135°34' from Pluto, which is an almost exact 135° aspect. If we observe the seven aspects going to this Pluto, ruler of the Sun, Venus and Saturn, we can see that this certainly shows a very severe disease.

The Imum Coeli
We do not find a direct aspect from Chiron to this point, nor a mid-point including Chiron, but a: 165° with Pluto and a Mercury/Venus mid-point. Since we know that Rock Hudson undoubtedly died of AIDS, there must be some implication with Chiron. Here it is relatively easy to see: for Chiron we go to Venus with a 103° aspect (double septile), then to Pluto in opposition and from Pluto we have a 165° aspect to this I.C. point, hence a Chiv oncogene derived from Venus(love) and Pluto: when Pluto is under negative tension, cell reproduction may go awry. Is this not a clear indication of such a disease as AIDS.

As I have explained in Chapter 11 of my book, Genaps, we see here:

  1. Aries and Mars: Mars is very powerful in Scorpio, and negatively stressed by a 45° aspect to Mercury, then Pluto, second ruler of Aries is extremely negatively stressed in Cancer/sector ten; hence Adenine is defective. Chiron stressed negatively in eight degrees Aries.
  2. Taurus and Venus: Venus in Capricorn, sector four, has no less than seven stressing aspects, so thymine is deficient. Gemini and Mercury: Mercury is negatively stressed Sagittarius, so Guanine is deficient.
  3. Cancer and the Moon. We have seen that the Cancer sign is heavily loaded with: Pluto, retrograde, hence weighing so much more on its position, North Node of the Moon and pre-natal eclipse: all stressed, so cytosine is also deficient.


Last but not least, Uracile and Uranus: not too bad, since Uranus has a trine coming from the Sun and another trine from Saturn, and a sextile from Jupiter, plus a quintile from Venus: Uracile is excellent in fact. This explains, probably, how Rock Hudson was able to live up to sixty years of age. But, on the whole, his D.N.A. is very deficient which aggravates the risk of developing a fatal disease such as AIDS.

Lynn Carter's Case

Lynn Carter was born November 6, 1924, 11:14:22am U.T. (rectified) in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Virgo/Pisces from sectors five to eleven, planets:

  1. Moon, Mars, Uranus retrograde in Pisces and the PN.E. in Virgo, Neptune, ruler of 5 is in Leo, conjunct to the North Node, square to Mercury of Scorpio one, quintile to the Ascendant, trine to Chiron, trine to Jupiter. Notice that Mercury is the ruler of sector eight in sector one and tied to Chiron in Aries six, retrograde.
  2. The Taurus/Scorpio polarity, from sectors one to seven, with: Ascendant, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, all in Scorpio 1.

Notice here that Lynn Carter had no less than eleven trines in the chart, which means extreme permissiveness!

Oncogene of AIDS
Here we have Chiron in direct quintile aspect to the I.C. point which is also on the mid-point: Pluto/P.N.E. Hence, an oncogene of AIDS, with Chiron.

Cusp of Sector 6
It is directly opposed to Venus in Libra sector twelve, being only 1° from the cusp of 12, and Venus has: a 165° aspect to Chiron end a 165° aspect to Chiron and a 165° aspect to Uranus, plus a 45° aspect to Mercury of one being the ruler of sector seven. Here we observe the love partners implicated. This chart does not bear an accumulation of very negative stressing aspects so we must believe that the oncogene of AIDS, almost alone, points to this effective AIDS disease which is, in itself, quite frightening.

Robert Reed's Case

This, as we shall see is a fascinating case of AIDS. Robert Reed was born October 20, 1932 in Highland Park, Illinois at 2:19:56 am, Universal Time.

Cancer/Capricorn from sector (1) to sector (7) with: Pluto opposite Saturn, very strong in Capricorn and totally negatively stressed: square Sun, 135° to a Venus/Jupiter conjunction and 150° to the Moon conjunct Ascendant, both in Gemini.

Virgo/Pisces, from sector 4 to sector 10, with: Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, P.N.E. and I.C., all conjunct to the South Node in Virgo. Since we know that this polarity is the one of the Immune System, we can deduce that R. Reed had an extremely low I.S. If, at the same time, we observe his Sun, in Libra, under the rulership of Chiron, heavily stressed negatively by no less that five negative aspects to Saturn, Chiron (in a 165° Karmic aspect to Mercury), Moon/Ascendant by a 135°, square to Pluto and semi-square to Neptune, we cannot but interpret already this chart as being very dangerous as far as health is concerned.

Oncogene of AIDS
Since we do not have a direct aspect from Chiron to the I.C. we use, again, as in Rock Hudson's case, a Hamiltonian circuit: Chiron to Sun in 150° and Sun to the I.C., by a Septile aspect.


  1. Adenine, with Aries: Uranus is in Aries, square Pluto, 135° to Neptune and Mars is linked to Uranus by a trine: I'd say 50/50 deficient Adenine.
  2. Thymine: Taurus with Chiron retrograde, trine Neptune, but 165° to Mercury ruler of sector twelve, 150° to Sun, Venus sesqui-square to Saturn, we've already seen it: Thymine is also 50/50 deficient.
  3. Guanine: Gemini, with the Moon at the very end of the sign and sector twelve: it will influence the very last part of his life and it is 135° to its ruler, Mercury of Scorpio so Guanine is deficient.
  4. Cystosine: We have just seen the Moon and can state that Cytosine is all right with regards to the trine from Moon to Sun.
  5. Finally, Uracile: Uranus is totally negative since the trine to Mars will not bring much positiveness to that planet, hence Uracile is extremely deficient, more so because his Mars, Uranus ruler is quite weak with only one aspect to Uranus and Leo's ruler, the Sun will not bring much help to this Mars.

Hence, we can observe here an obvious case of AIDS.

This concludes our series of articles from Cosmos and AIDS.


© Copyright: Guy de Penguern





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