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ABC Basic Delineation #1 Date Published: 8/01/2000 by Marion March
Bio: Marion March

Marion March is a noted teacher, lecturer and writer on astrology, as well as a valued astrological counselor in her own right, and the mentor of many younger astrologers. With Joan McEvers, she is the author of a series of comprehensive instructional books: The Only Way to Learn Astrology in five volumes, which has gone through many editions, and has been translated (and published) in several languages besides English including German, Spanish and Portuguese.




Delineating [astrological charts] is an art, it is an "inexact" science, it is the combination of knowledge and judgement communicated in an intelligent and sensitive way so as to help (not hurt) the friend or client.

Sounds complicated? Not if you know your basic astrology and practice the application in a logical and straightforward manner. Forget the "goodies" you've collected and use your common sense instead. If you know and understand what the Moon and Aries stand for, you can interpret the Moon in Aries. If you know the meaning of Mars and Capricorn and the 8th and 5th house[s], you can easily delineate the Moon in Aries in the 8th square Mars in Capricorn in the 5th.

To help you practice, we will use a totally simplistic formula. For example: How would the young woman say "Happy birthday!" We do have to consider the entire chart but we will stick to simple keywords.

Birthday Chart

The Sun in Pisces is sensitive and intuitive; Mercury conjunct the Sun in Pisces not only feels but expresses its feelings, so the wishes must include something personal like: "May all your dreams come true." This would be confirmed since the ruler, Neptune, is placed in Libra in the 9th house. Added thoughtfulness is shown by Jupiter in Pisces (its former dignity), also conjunct the Sun. Both Jupiter and the Sun inconjunct their ruler Neptune, but the adjustments or compromises innate in that aspect would not show in a simple birthday greeting, except that her need to please and be liked make her sit and write the greeting in the first place. Click on the chart to pop-up a big chart.

With a Capricorn Ascendant she undoubtedly keeps a notebook where all important dates are list5ed and all addresses are up-to-date including zip-codes. Saturn, ruler of the Ascendant, is part of a T-Square ([with] Mars in Aries and Uranus in Cancer), or a wide Grand Cross if you include the Ascendant (not all astrologers do). Cardinality always implies "action" and a Grand Cross or T involving Mars and Uranus shows tremendous energy and a rather constant need of action. So her wishes would include something about "May your day be filled with fun and excitement."

Birthday Chart

Since the ruler of her 2nd (Uranus) is in the 6th, the ruler of her 6th (Mercury) is in the 2nd and her Aquarian Moon in the 2nd is in mutual reception with Uranus in the 6th, she may add: "I hope this next year brings you a well-paying and stimulating job."

Now it's your turn to try… How do you think this young man [see chart #2] would wish someone a "happy birthday"?

[Continued next month in Part 2]


© Copyright: Marion March





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