How to Backup Matrix Software:


Matrix Pro & Express software saves the natal information into 2 different locations:

  • qnames.qck
  • curchts.mdb

All of these files should be saved to some sort of removable media. You probably will not be able to put the these files on a floppy so I recommend using a CD-r or flash drive.

You will find the above files in several different locations:

Winstar 20:
    - C:\wstar20\
    - C:\wstar20\charts20\

All other software on XP etc.:
    - C:\program files\matrix
    - C:\program files\matrix\Charts20\
    - C:\program files\matrix\Charts40\       (Winstar V4)

Vista & Windows 7:
    - C:\Users\"Your Username"\Matrix
    - C:\Users\"Your Username"\Matrix\Charts20
    - C:\Users\"Your Username"\Matrix\Charts40       (Winstar V4)

Note: "Your Username" refers to whatever your name is on this machine.
            User, Owner, your first or last name, nick-name, etc.)

If you want to backup more than just your natal information and charts such as reports etc.
Here is a list of other locations you should check on:

    •   C:\wstar20\output    (Old Win*Writer V2.0)
    •   ...\Matrix\Output       (New Win*writer V2.5 & V3)

Horizons Reports:
    •   ...\matrix\RTF
    •   ...\matrix\PDF
    •   ...\matrix\HTM

Horizons Saved Maps:
    •   ...\matrix\JPG
    •   ...\matrix\BMP
    •   ...\matrix\PNG

Note: In Horizons, if you have never saved an image or report in one of the above file types the folder may not exist.
            If the folder does not exist don't worry, the program only creates them as needed.

PIM entries are saved in this file:
    •   ...\matrix\cal.mdb
Reports are saved to same location as Horizons PDF reports.
    •   ...\matrix\PDF

Wining Times:
Your saved search settings are stored in:
    •   ...\matrix\WinFiles\
Your saved reports are in:
    •   ...\matrix\PDF