How to Fix issues with system Fonts:


It appears your issue is caused by an issue with your fonts. These instructions will walk you through fixing this problem.

The first thing is to make sure some fonts are setup correctly. Go to Control Panel > Fonts. (If you do not see it click "Switch to Classic View" in the upper left.) Find and check the two fonts "MS Serif" & "MS Sans Serif" and make sure they are not marked as "Read Only" or "Hidden". You do this by right-clicking a font and then left-clicking on Properties. If they are check marked as "read only" or "hidden" you need to uncheck the box and then click "OK". Try your program again and see if it works. If this does not fix the issue continue on to the next section below.

(If you do not see either of these fonts you may need to allow windows to display hidden files.)

  • At the top of the window click on Tools > Folder Options.
  • A new window will open Click on View at the top.
  • Look for the line "Hidden files and folders" and put the bullet in "Show..."
  • I also recommend that you uncheck the line below it called "Hide extensions for known file types".}

If you have any of the install CD's for any of the programs below you can use the cd instead of downloading the fontsU/I programs which ever you prefer.

  • Winstar Express V2.5 and V3
  • Daywatch
  • Horizons
  • Winning Times

If you do not have any of the install CD's see the Note at the bottom.

  1. Close all open programs.
  2. Insert your Install CD into the CD-Rom drive. Do not remove the cd until you are finished!
  3. When the setup begins, cancel and exit the setup.
  4. Open My Computer
  5. Right click on your CD rom drive and select Open from the menu that appears.
  6. Open the folder called Support.
  7. Here you should find a file called fontsU.exe (fonts uninstall). Double click to run this. Be sure to restart your computer after it has run.
  8. When your computer comes back on, run fontsU again (follow steps 1-7).
  9.  Be sure to restart when it is finished. Don’t worry if you get a subscript out of range error!
  10. When the computer comes back on again, follow steps 1-6. This time, find the file called fontsI.exe (fonts install) and run that.
  11. Restart your computer at the end.
  12. Once your machine is back up and ready try your program again and see if it is working correctly.


If your software is still not working correctly you may have too many fonts installed. It is a good idea to keep the number of fonts installed to a minimum. Having too many fonts installed will make the machine boot up slower and may make the machine run slower by limiting the amount of memory available for programs to run. I recommend having fewer than 600 fonts installed.

  • Go to C: > Windows > Fonts
  • The bottom border of the window should state how many fonts you have installed.
  • If you have too many fonts installed you will need to delete some of them. Do not delete any of the system fonts as noted here:
    If you have MS Office etc. installed see this list as well:


NOTE: These instructions make use of two utilities that are present on most Matrix Install cd's.
If you installed your software from a Download Link or if you do not have your install cd's handy you can download these utilities here:

When you click the link choose save and then click on "Desktop" on the left then click on "Save".
When it is done you will find the FontsU.exe and FontsI.exe on your desktop. You can run them from there and when the problem is fixed you can delete them.