How to import your charts from V2 to the new V4:


If Win*Star V2 is installed on the same machine the file you need is in c:\wstar20\charts\ and is called curchts.mdb.

If this file is on another machine I recommend copying your chart database to a flash drive.
Go to (my) computer > c: > wstar20 > charts20.
Find the file curchts.mdb and right-click it > send to > your flash drive.

Once the file you need is handy open Win*Star v4.0 and go to file > current database.
Browse to the file you need and open it.

Win*Star will tell you this is not a version 4 database and offer to import it.
There is typically a sample database of the same name already there and you will be asked to over write it. For simplicities sake I recommend choosing yes to just over write it.

Give Win*Star 30 seconds (or wait till the flash drive stops showing activity) and then close and re-open Win*Star.
You will have your charts on the left hand side.



Note that if you have your charts sorted into folders that this will NOT import your chart folders or folder names. Currently this is not possible. We might be able to fix it in a future release. You will need to create these folders again and manually sort people into those folders.