Run Time Error 5 & 6, Overflow:


  1. Right-Click the desktop icon of the program and choose properties.
  2. At the bottom of this new window click on Find Target or Open file location.
  3. In the Matrix folder you want to find the file marked WStarExp.ini.
  4. t is about a 3 KB big configuration file that has an icon that looks like a note pad with
    a gold wheel or gear on top of it.
  5. Delete this WStarExp.ini file and then reopen Win*Star Express and it should be
    operating correctly now.


NOTE: If you are getting the error in an application other than Win*Star Express...
Check the list below and delete the file associated with the program giving you the error.

Winstar Plus (2.0)winstar.ini
WinWriter Expresswwexpr.ini
Winning Timeswinning.ini
Day Watchwstarcal.ini